Hello anyone who still pops by. After some thought and review of AL, i’ll be rewriting the story to expand it out as it now is clear that it lacks details and is quite short.

I’ll be uploading the new version chapters when i have them done and they’ll also be uploaded in the thread on the Novel Updates forum.


thanks for reading.

Angel’s Lament: Chapter 11 – Duality

Hello readers, visitors, assorted creatures and interstellar beings! It’s been a week and the next chapter is complete. Chapter 11 completes the first arc of this tale with an interlude to come before the next arc begins.

If you have a comment, i’d love to hear it. Now, on to the chapter after the click. Continue reading

Angel’s Lament: Ch 10 – Purgatory

Yaho readers. The release of Ch 10 marks the end of the bulk release of AL chapters. A fairly long chapter compared to some, events will set the stage for an important development and our Heroine will meet an important companion.

****Note: Some complicated terms and jargon are present in this chapter.****

Ch 11 will ideally be released in the next few days, once i finish it off. Chapter releases after that will be when i have completed chapters to post, so i wont commit to any statements like ‘1 chapter a week’ or anything. i write when i write and chapters will be done when they are done.

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